The VMT Team

VMT regularly brings in industry experts to guide the commercialization process. VMT has consulted with industry marketers, valuators, attorneys, engineeris and designers. 

James Jeppson VP of Marketing

 At the world famous Health Rider, he led the team in creating the television commercial and marketing plan that swamped the company with orders. He has managed products from concept design, to manufacturing, to sold-out status. He's also been a business coach, mentor and developer.

Michael Agrelius  -  Director of Sales

As U.S. Marketing Director for Neways International, he worked with distributors to build a $25 million segment of the business.  He's led sales in a number of industries including travel, education and product development neutraceuticals. He's a successful author of 8 published books.

Kris Kinkade   -   Business Development

Specializing in business and environmental law, he served as General Counsel and Vice President of Business Development to IIR, the world's leading knowledge and skills transfer company with a global network of 47 companies and 112 operating units, with over 2000 employees worldwide and revenues approaching one billion. While there, he increased revenues from $400 million to $600 million by strategic mergers and acquisition. 

David Sefcik - Contracts and Procurement Manager

He leads the prime research arm of VMT in understanding the literature of the transmission markets. He also provides expert knowledge and work in the social media and with investor relations. 

K.J. SongVP of Korean Operations

KJ negotiated VMT's first manufacturing agreement with TIC of Korea. He has been a leader in shipping, manufacturing procurement, a supplier of products to numerous companies in Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries around the world. 

KJ with Brooks Agnew owner of Vision Motor of North
Carolina and Mr. Cho of TIC of Korea. Mr. Cho has
proposed being the builder of the prototype and
Mr. Agnew has delivered P.O.s for his electric trucks.