VMT Advisory Board

VMT's advisory members have a rich variety of sales and marketing skills. VMT has additional excellent industry consultants but are not pictured here for confidentiality. Investors will receive their names. 

Steve Sutherland has been an integral part of the VMT team.
Here he is meeting with the President and team from Ishibashi
Manufacturing of Japan.

 Steve Sutherland    

VMT Board Member         Adept at developing organizations and managing processes for maximum effect, he got his training as an officer in the U.S. Navy and Marines. He then became an engineering manager of technology at CISCO Systems. As one of its first 80 employees at CISCO he worked at growing manufacturing and engineering business units during its meteoric rise to more than 20,000 employees.

Nathanael Adamson 

After more than 30 years at Ford's Car Product Planning, Advanced Engineering, Commercial  Truck Planning, Program Management, and Marketing, and Business Director for Global Commercial Truck, he started consulting on licensing deals. Since then he's worked in consulting and research for Ford, Caterpillar and MacKay.

Eric Stoddard

He's active in selling $150,000 to $300,000 off-road heavy equipment directly to businesses for the past decade, from the U.S. & Canada to Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Zambia. China, Russia, and Europe. He consults with companies on commercialization routes.

June Griffiths

She has helped direct VMT 's social media and in personally contacting potential major clients. June is a prime mover in finding people who have a product and need a buyer. One of June's rules is "never wait to be acted upon… act. Do something now."

Diane Doup

After 25 years in wholesale product experience in Alaska and Washington, Diane understands the importance of moving quickly and moving right to the sale. She understands clients and what moves them to act. 

Michael Klein

As a respected financial analyst and investment advisor for more than 25 years, Mike has a keen understanding of working with top level clients. He's no stranger to significant financial transactions and sophisticated contracts.

Thomas Curtis

He is an entrepreneur who has created hybrid companies that keyed on large construction projects in combination with school districts. As an investor in VMT, he has actively promoted the company and helped secure more investments.

Brad Kalmar

As a doggedly determined entrepreneur, Brad finds opportunities and succeeds. Understanding the client and developing relationships makes all the difference. He has the uncanny ability of seeing a deal and knowing the holes that must be filled.